XLX740 Transcoding Module

Coming in the week of July 15, XLX740 module E will be set up for transcoding D-Star and DMR calls. This means that anyone with a D-Star radio will be able to talk to anyone with a DMR radio and vice versa, so long as they are connected to XLX740 E. The intent is to also have Yaesu Fusion and perhaps P25 radios be able to talk to D-Star and DMR radios as well. Hooray for community!

Pi-Star with DMRGateway users:

Make a private call to 68740 – this will connect you to the XLX740 master, and the default module D. Module D is used for DMR to DMR radio calls. To switch to the transcoding module make another private call, this time to 64005 – this will switch DMRGateway off of module D and put you on module E for transcoding. Use talkgroup 6 to talk on the reflector.

D-Star users (Pi-Star, DVAP, etc):

Set the URCALL to XRF740EL and ‘kerchunk’ (press PTT for a second and release) – this will switch your hotspot to use XLX740’s module E. Once connected, switch URCALL back to CQCQCQ (or Use Reflector), and call as you normally would.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the availability of the transcoding module and any testing skeds here at KC1AWV.net!


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