XLX Multi Protocol Reflector Gateway

I would like to announce the creation of XLX740! XLX is a multi-protocol reflector for D-Star networks. I also intend on supporting D-Star <-> DMR transcoding in the future, once I can purchase the requisite AMBE hardware. I will probably have to house the transcoder at home as well, since the XLX740 reflector is actually located in a co-located data center in Chicago.

Right now, Module A is slated for transcoding. Module B is used for Scheduled Nets – usually ARES nets, but there’s no reason that another net couldn’t be scheduled that doesn’t conflict with anyone else. Module C will be used for ARES Drills and Events. Module D is used for D-Star testing. Module E is used for DMR testing. Module F is used for International Peering (reflectors on reflectors!) with other XLX peers. Module F is for general ragchew, which will also have transcoding enabled. Modules G-Z are for future use.

Please feel free to connect at any time, and have a chat or just sit back and listen in! If you want to link your XLX reflector with XLX740, please contact me at kc1awv@arrl.net and let me know.

If you want more detailed instructions on how to connect to XLX740, I have a page there that can help. You can read more here.

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